RE/8* Design Park is multimedial festival with a goal to promote eco-design, creative recycling, DIY concept and usage of alternative methods and raw materials in contemporary art and industrial design. RE/8* Design Park has been held in NoviSad, since 2011. The programi ncludes a range of activities - a number of workshops, seminars, lectures, group and solo exhibitions, film screenings, street-art, bookpromotions, etc. Every year, the focus of the event is a group exhibition of international character, that promotes local artists and creative people who are engaged in deconstruction, creative recycling and sustainable design

This year, RE/8* Design Park will be held from July 1st - July 6th, in SKC Fabrika. The emphasis of thisyear's week of eco-design will be a group exhibition TOTAL RECOVER, which will open the event. The exhibition will include a selection of thirty works - installations, prints, assemblages and everyday objects created by reconstructing forms, upcycling method and application of ethical and ecological postulates in artistic interventions. The theme of the exhibition are 8 concepts: redesign, reconstruction, recycle, remake, review, reproduction, restoring and reanimation.

Admission to all programs of RE/8* Design Park is free.





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