Invitation to all interested artists and designers to participate in the group exibition „TOTAL RECOVER“ within the fifth „RE/8* Design Park“ which will be held from 1-6th of July in SKC FACTORY (FABRIKA) in Novi Sad

From 1st to 6th of July, in Novi Sad will be held the fifth RE/8 Design Park. The emphasis of this years week of eco-design will be on the group exibition, which will be opet to manifestation. The exibition will include a selection of thirty works - instalations, posters, assemblages and usable, everyday objects created by reconstructing forms, upcycling method and application of ethical and ecological postulates in the creative interventions of the artists. All those interested will have an oportunity to see the setting in the premises of SKC FACTORY, from Friday the 1st of July until Wednesday the 6th of July. Beside the central exibition, there will be organised workshops and lectures on the topic eco-design, creative recycling and DIY concept. Admission to all programs within the manifestation RE/8* Design Park is free.




Group exibition of recycling art and eco-design will open this years week of eco-design RE/8* Design Park 2016 which will be held from 1-6th of July in SKC „Factory“ in Novi Sad.

The theme of the exibition are eight concepts: redesign, reconstruction, recycle, remake, review, reproduction, restoring i reanimation  in which the authors will find inspiration for materialization of their work. Competition is open to all individuals, members of the art and professional associations and students. Each participant can compete with up to two works , or continent.

The concept of the exhibition is the use of recyclable materials , deconstruction of forms and redesign in contemporary applied and fine arts . The selection of thirty works by local authors with the installations of guest artists will be exhibited in the premises of SKC Factory in Novi Sad.

All those interested can send photos of their already finished work that suit the theme of the exhibition , or sketches of works that authors will realize until 29th June 2016.


Applications should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until Wednesday  the 15th of June , when the selection of works that are going to be exhibited at RE/8 Design Park will be made.


Application for participation should contain the following information: a photo of the finished work, technical drawing , 3D display designed as a prototype or just as a drawing in PDF or JPG format, name and surname of the author, title of the work , dimensions, technique , a brief description of the concept - abstract (not more than 200 characters) and contact .

All artists whose works entered the selection will be contacted by telephone or through e-mail.




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