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Super luigi 64

Super luigi 64

Name: Super luigi 64

File size: 756mb

Language: English

Rating: 10/10



Super Luigi 64 is a ROM Hack made by Cjes. All levels and hub worlds were taken from Super Mario 64, but this time Mario is replaced by Luigi with high. Download Version, Comments, Additional contributors, Everdrive Compatibility, Release date. Emulator, Improved version by King Geoshi. Rank, Player, Time, Platform, Date. 1st, katze, 15m 02s, 15m 02s, N64, 5 months ago. 2nd, Xalince, 15m 05s, 15m 05s, N64, 1 year ago. 3rd, Benjii64, 16m.

Super Mario 64 Hacks - SL Super Luigi 64 and Multiplayer Is a hack with Luigi Model and New Levels and is incluided the patch mod. This is a boxart that I did for a rom hack KoopshiKingGeoshi is working on. This romhack is about Luigi getting a chance to shine after all these. Eyerock Boss (). SL64 Circuit + Toad 3 (). Tick Tock Clock (). Flying Reds (). Star Before Bowser 3 ().